HP 8131A Pulse Generator 500MHz


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The Keysight/Agilent/HP 8131A Pulse Generator 500MHz delivers excellent performance to help you solve high-speed measurement problems. Transition times of less than 200 ps from the 10% to 90% amplitude (20% to 80% of amplitude: typical 150 ps) enable repeatable and reliable timing measurements on high-speed digital circuits. Since compromises in edge speed directly affect your measurement accuracy, the clean and sharp edges offered by the HP 8131A minimize errors due to threshold uncertainties. Matching the requirements of the most advanced ECL and GaAs devices, you now can characterize components and circuits with repetition rates up to 500 MHz (in Transducer Mode up to 1 GHz). The HP 8131A is the first product that offers 200 ps edge speed in a fully programmable product, which makes it extremely useful not only in research and development environments but also in high-speed production test applications.The fast and linear transitions of the 8131A are specified from 10% to 90% of amplitude, matching advanced ECL and many GaAs devices. Cell characterization often requires two signals, clock and data. Dual-channel 8130A, 8131A generators provide these signals when one channel is set to double-pulse.

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